This basement remodel is one of my favorites.  Not only are the clients so special to me but we had so much fun working on this room.

We chose midcentury-inspired, retro fabrics in a cool aqua snd brown color scheme.  We worked with a home theatre company to install a big-screen and sound system into the wall.  We cretaed lovely silk “stage” curtains to frame the TV wall.  We also used groovy accents including an authentic 1950’s pole lamp and other small accents collected from local antique and resale shops.  We decorate one wall with oversized photos of famous Hollywood greats.  but my faorite part had to be the clock wall. 

The homeowners had grown children scattered all over the world.  In a truly perosnal project, we groupd a series of clocks to represent each of the cities where the adult kids now live and used Wonderful Grafitti (www.wonderfulgrafitti.com)  to label each one.  And of course, we set each clock for its time zone!  The whole thing became a real conversation-starter for guests and a daily reminder for Mom and Dad!

Loved it!


No place is more important than the one you call “home.”
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, my Honey and I have decided to make part of our Valentine’s gifts to each other to complete some little decorating projects around our house.
I’d like to say that my house is perfection, but no home ever is. And I am usually so busy working on other people’s homes that I almost dread to try taking on more “work” around here… Somehow it never feels like work when I am decorating for my clients but it does when I do it for myself. I think that’s why people call on me sometimes…it’s helpful to have someone else to help you make decisions and shape a vision of the space.
But this February, we are showing our love for each other and for the family and friends who frequent our home by completing some decor changes. New light fixtures, some new window treatments, and a repainted bedroom are on the agenda. And now that we’re started, you know what? I am truly excited. Maybe I am falling in love with this house all over again!

Color makes this bath!

Color makes this bath!

This bathroom makeover was so fun! This was the primary bath on the mainfloor of this charming Vermilion home.  When we redid the dining room, kitchen and family room, it was itme to add sophistication to this room too!

Originally Cleveand Indians wallpaper covered the walls.  Taking it down and changing out the old medincine chest instantly gave the space a new look! Accessories add texture and style.  And best of all, we did it without spedning a fortune!

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Think of it as random thoughts with Suzanne.

Let’s have some fun.  I’ll try to keep it interesting.  And you promise  not to laugh at my typos!